Gallery-Selections from the Artist's Collection / Sold
Selections from the Artist's Collection
These paintings have been SOLD

My late father, on one of our painting "Fridays"

Fern Walk

From Acadia, once in a while you just have to keep one !

Warm Horse, Cool Horse

From Tanque Verde Ranch in Tucson

Dishes of the Moment

Some subject matter is relatively mundane

Towards Acadia

This one puts me right back into a soggy but beautiful vacation

Mom's Lawn Chairs

I did this one in college. My mother was one of the few who reweaved outdoor furniture.


A favorite rabbit who cam to the back porch for Goldfish crackers

Seaside, 9AM

Primary colors and dynamic shadows make this work look like an oil painting

Aspen Dancing

Alpha Cardinal

Ocean Drive, Acadia

Aspen Mirage

Georgia Marsh

Chipmunk's Return

Boulder Creek

En Garde

Ghost Rockers

Rusted Fern

In Summer Glory