Blog 2013

"Spiral Fern"

From my garden, the ferns are drying into a combination of russets and greens. This painting is about twenty inches wide. And having painted all of the spaces between the fronds, my eyes are very tired ! I still have this one !

"Oak Leaves"

I picked up a bunch of beautiful dead oak leaves, while waiting for Dave at the bus stop. I finally got around to painting them. This is a small painting, and I think it would be kind of interesting to paint it much larger, a la Georgia O'Keeffe, maybe. Of note is that this is my typical color palette of cobalt blue balancing out the burnt siena.

"Into the Clearing"

From a vintage vacation photo. Where it was taken I can't recall. Look closely at the foreground ferns. Like painting in miniature as this is only about a 9 x 12.

"The End of the Lake"

Another small painting from a photo that I took at Mohonk Lake. This is a good (if illegal) place from which to fish !

"Berry Pints for Blackberries"

As my neighbors, the Rooney's would say this year. "The catbirds ate all the berries." And I say..."they eat all the bugs too !". I have had two nests close to my studio window this year, and I have fed them a lot of peanuts, too. 


Thanks to all who visited my booth at Anderson Park. Your attendance is much appreciated (and it would be incredibly boring if we didn't have anyone to talk to all weekend) !
For those of you who are local, I may be doing an open studio sometime in the spring of 2014.

This painting turned out so bad that I won't even post it. It was to be a goldfinch on a sunflower. The was no way to save even a little part of it !

left blank !


Sunflowers in my back yard, planted from the winter's bird seed. Very green. I wanted to avoid the blue background that I seem to paint most of the time, and evoke the jungle like feeling of the July garden after a night of heavy rain.


The old VW. I painted this from a photo as a thank you to a friend. I haven't used this much red in awhile ! This is a well cared for, restored VW bus, much loved.
The bus actually means a lot to me, because growing up, my family used to have one very similar to this one, except that it was eventually impossible to start, and it must, by now, have rusted completely through. NA

"Berry Pints for Strawberries"
Here we go again !


"Stinson Gulch, California"

From a photo by Damian Calcagne, of a live oak woods in  California. I was inspired by the scenes eeriness and the green and purple colors. I used my regular watercolor palette, and if you look closely, you will also see sponge dabbing and some opaque watercolor pencil.FB does has it's merits.

Thanks for sharing, D... 

"Mayapple and Japanese Maple"

From my backyard: a nice complication combination of complex leaves and patterns. A medium size painting that is making me cross-eyed !  

"Backyard Snow"

From a photo from my house and reminiscent of a painting that my dad did, this painting is about  9 x 10.

"Nuts and Bolts"

From a photo I took in the Barn Museum at Mononk Mountain House. The same palette as "Disengaged", the complementary shades of burnt siena and cobalt blue are almost like painting in the values of black and white.
If you value your sanity, do not try this subject at home !


"Night Blooming Cereus"

These succulent plants, native to the American Southwest (I think!) bloom at night. This one from a photo I took at Mohonk the early morning after the bloom, before it had a chance to wilt. I have one of these plants at home, and it has bloomed once every ten years. The scent is remarkable, and the blossom is about eight inches in diameter. Really amazing.

"Turbulent Nest"

From a photo. This painting is about 18 inches wide, and has taken a number of sittings to get all of this detail. My new glasses make a painting like this much easier.

Waiting here for another Nor'easter, hoping it doesn't deliver !


"Palm Abstraction"

From a photo. As you can see, I am back to complex subjects, which are most amazing when their complexity is provided totally by nature. This was done very quickly and freely.


"Sprague Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park"

From a photo, this is a trial run, for a painting that I think I'd like to render in acrylics, and in a larger format.
Today we shoveled a foot of snow. I think it is time to paint something tropical

"Eagle Lake"

From a photo, though I really wish I was there...

"A Walk in Scott's Woods"

From a photo taken by my friend, Scott Watson, in Hanamaki, Iwate Prefecture, Japan. Interestingly enough, this turned out almost like a pointillist painting.

"Verona House"

This is a large house portrait commission which was a great assignment to keep me busy during this cold January. I never saw the house in autumn, but rendered it from photos taken in the snow, and imagined the colorful foliage.

"Land of Broken Toys"

Happy New Year All ! This is a still life of many relics from my past, some played with more than others. Many people think this is meant to be sad in temperament, but that is not my meaning, at all.