House Portrait Samples
Montclair in the Snow

This is an unusual angle for a house portrait, but is very dramatic in the end. I think that my preference is almost always to paint a house in the snow.

The Good Neighbors

These two are nestled together on a street in Beach Haven, New Jersey. I am hoping that they will once again be as comfortable next to each other after they battled with Hurricane Sandy, together.

Winter Retreat

Another home in the snow. You can just feel how warm it will be to open the door and walk in. Don't miss the dog on the porch.

New York Brownstone

Apartments are also homes and create atmospheric scenes with touches of the bustling city.

White Colonial

A white house is always my favorite to paint and this historical home has great stone work which provides contrast and texture. The bright sun balances against the darker landscape.

Carpenter Gothic

A beautiful home, which was largely obscured by trees. Architectural details were interpolated from photos from varying angles.

Beverly, NJ Free Library

A commission done to benefit the library

Stone and Clapboard

A commission for a couple retiring to a "holiday" home, but wanting a constant reminder of the wonderful years spent here.

Jamaica Home

This is a fantastic composition including  lots of familial memorabilia as well as botanical and animal references.

Riverton Yacht Club

This is a recent commission completed from photos. My dad was the master at painting this subject !

Decorated for the 4th

This home is ready for a big Independence Day celebration. This painting was executed in a more loose and painterly style.

Maine Church

This was painted from photos that my clients provided, and from summer photos we created a scene in autumn.

Vermont Home

This is a complex treatment of brick and overlying shadow. The early morning light makes for a dramatic composition.

Joyce's Garden

Sometimes the garden is as important as the home !
Snowy Colonial

A long time home in Riverton.